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How To Add Digital TV To A Mac Mini Continued
[2009-04-15] For those of you that just want to know if it works or not (see part 1), the answer is yes. Yes! It works! Gladly, I didn't order the various hardware and software components for nothing. I can now watch digital (HD) television, movies and listen to music on the Mac mini using a single remote.

How To Add Digital TV To A Mac Mini
[2009-04-02] I'm probably one of the last Mohicans, but I still watch tv on an old 4:3 television set. It isn't even worthy of calling it a set. It's just an old CRT tube. Also, I watch tv using the analogue cable signal. No digital High Definition shows for me.

Successfully Upgrading Time Capsule On Your Mac
[2009-03-19] I've become a big fan of my Apple Time Capsule. WIth the Time Machine backup software, it lets me keep all of my computers backed up without ever having to think about it, which is awesome! I just read about a firmware upgrade, however, and am baffled: how do I upgrade the device?

Edit And Share Your Photos With Picasa
[2009-02-26] It is that time again where I get to blog about that series of Mac Tips I started a little while ago,  talking about some of the most helpful and resourceful productivity tools that surely are helping me get the most of out of my MacBook Pro experience as my primary work machine and at the same time help me stay on top of things while giving up on email at work altogether.

Burning A CD In iTunes For Mac
[2009-02-12] My kids are really into High School Musical and Miley Cyrus, to the point where we bought them the soundtrack and they promptly broke the CD squabbling over it. I know I could buy a couple more but that's pretty expensive! Is there a way to just use iTunes to dupe a music CD so they could listen to the copy and we'd keep their Hannah Montana music (etc) safely stored away?

How to Delete Files Completely From Your Mac
[2009-01-22] A friend showed me how she can recover deleted files on her Mac OS X system using some utility or the other and it got me to thinking... how do I delete files on my own Mac so that she - or anyone else - can't recover them later?

Some Very Exciting News From Macworld
[2009-01-10] Maybe you couldn't make it to MacWorld this week but that doesn't mean you can't be privy to some of the cool announcements being rolled out for Mac and iPhone users… read on for several interesting roll-outs announced today.

Accessing the Time Machine From Other Computers
[2008-12-04] I have a Mac OS X setup in my office that includes an Apple Time Capsule in the middle of the network, streaming backups of every computer and laptop in our organization. One of the laptops was stolen, however, and I can't figure out how to access the backed up data from it on the device.

How To Upload Images From Your iPhone
[2008-11-13] I found "Image Capture" (you didn't mention it was an application, so I searched and found it) and tried what you suggested. When I click on download, however, nothing happens. Tried this with just one photo selected, as well as "Select All." Any suggestions?

Customizing Microsoft Word On a Mac
[2008-10-21] I don't know what's changed, but in the past, when I wanted to see revisions and changes to a document in Microsoft Word on my Mac it showed me what was inserted and deleted. Now, however, it has zillions of little balloons on the side of the document. What the heck? How do I change Microsoft Word so revision tracking shows up the way I prefer?

iPhone NDAs Dissolved
[2008-10-09] You have to figure that it's a little bit hard to have a good relationship with someone who keeps your mouth taped shut. So in what several groups of people are sure to consider a smart move, Apple has done away with the nondisclosure agreements it used to make iPhone developers stay quiet.

Getting Rid of a Wireless Network on a Mac
[2008-09-04] When I first got my Macbook (actually, it's an iBook, I think) I tried to connect to a neighbors wireless network, before I got my own network set up. Problem is, every time I start up my computer, it wants to connect to her wifi network, not my own. How do I fix this?

Restoring a MacBook from a Time Machine Backup
[2008-08-19] I sent my iMac into Apple for service and was rather distressed to get it back with the OS reinstalled and everything else wiped clean! I said "restore from Time Machine", but it never saw my Apple Time Capsule. What's the trick, Dave?

Watch Streaming Video of the Olympics on a Mac
[2008-08-07] I'm excited that the Olympics are coming up and thrilled that NBC is going to have thousands of hours of additional video footage available on its Web site NBC, but highly bummed that I can't watch it on my Mac! Apparently you need Microsoft Silverlight, which is only available on Windows systems?

Run an Application in Multiple Spaces on Your Mac
[2008-07-25] I've become a big fan of Apple's Spaces system which lets me have a bunch of virtual screens on my laptop. This is particularly helpful when I'm playing games and (trying to) working at the same time. Thing is, I really want to have a few apps appear on all my Spaces, not just one. Is that possible?

Checking System Updates Installed on Your Mac
[2008-07-03] A really hardcore Mac geek pal of mine tells me that it's better to install the incremental system releases rather than occasionally apply a multi-increment installer. I don't really understand why, but assuming he's right, is there any way I can tell what I've done?

Mac Security Configuration Guide
[2008-06-12] Apple has released the Security Configuration Guide for OS X V10.5 Leopard for both the client and the server. These are must read documents if you are on an enterprise, or even just a casual user, with an Apple Mac OS X computer.

Cool Spotlight Shortcuts
[2008-05-15] I'm on a kick about learning all the sneaky and secret shortcuts buried in Mac OS X and have heard that there are quite a few in the Leopard version of Spotlight, the utility that lets you find files on your Mac. Do you know some, and can you share?

Maximize Your Mac
[2008-04-21] Sometimes you just run across some guy in the back room that is writing about something they love, and Max the Mac is one of those under sung folks who is busy writing about the Apple Mac, the cool stuff you can download, buy, or otherwise make work on your apple computer.

Getting Started in Mac Programming
[2008-04-03] I used to program my TRS-80 in BASIC when I was in high school, and took a class in Pascal in college. Now I want to try to write applications for my Mac but don't know where to start. Help!

Can My Mac Preview Sort Thumbnails By Creation Date?
[2008-03-13] I know this is a pretty niche question, but I use Apple's slick Preview application to look at images and when I open more than one at a time, it shows them all with a nice sidebar, but the sidebar elements are sorted by name, which messed me up: I want them sorted by when I actually created the graphic.

IBM Lotus Sametime 8 for the Mac
[2008-02-21] I am sure you would all remember how excited I was about making my full transition from my Windows notebook to my recently acquired MacBook Pro with the installation, and successful setup!, from the IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 Beta client for the Mac.

Mac Sandbox Wrapper
[2008-01-16] Mac OS X Leopard includes a new command line tool called "sandbox-exec". What it does is provide a "sandbox" - a restricted environment.

The Missing Manual: Mac OSX Leopard Edition
[2007-12-27] Unlike Mac OS X Leopard Pocket Guide, this is the book you really should buy if you are running Leopard.

Improve QuickLook in Leopard
[2007-12-11] Leopard's new "Quicklook" is a nice tool, but for stubborn old command line types like me, it has some limitations: it won't show me plain text files unless they have the extension ".txt".