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Review: Stellar Speedup Mac
Mac running a bit slowly? Might be time to clean things up, and that's what Stellar's SpeedUp Mac is designed to accomplish. Here's how it worked...

Date: 12-31-14

Apple Watch Dev Kits Have Been Released To Developers
Apple released WatchKit, the developer platform for the upcoming Apple Watch, which is expected out next spring. Developers can now start creating apps for the device, whichmay or may not spark the interest of a significant amount of consumers.

Date: 10-11-14

Update your Mac to avoid the Shellshock Bug?
I've been reading about this newly discovered bug in the Bash Unix shell command line interface called "shellshock" and it apparently puts my Mac OS X system at risk? How do I fix my iMac before it's hacked?

Date: 10-09-14

Apple Announces iOS 8 Release Date At Press Event
Apple held its big iPhone unveiling event on Tuesday, showing off the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, not to mentionApple Pay and the Apple Watch.

Date: 09-11-14

Tips for working with Mac iMessage / Messages
I'm already a long-time fan of Apple's iMessage program [tip: It's now called "Messages" in Mac OS X] but I'm wondering whether there's more I can do with the program than just send lines of text back and forth?

Date: 08-07-14

How To Make a Bootable Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite USB External Drive?
I'm in on the beta program and am eager to start trying out Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) but am very aware that it's a beta release. So I want to install it on a removable USB flashdrive. Doable? And if so, how do I proceed?

Date: 07-10-14

OS X Yosemite Unveiled at WWDC
Apple kicked off its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday with the usual keynote led by Tim Cook. First on the agenda was a look at the new version of OS X. It's called Yosemite, keeping in line with its new tradition of California-based names, which was launched by last year's Mavericks.

Date: 06-05-14

Yahoo Making Aggressive Efforts To Convince Apple To Switch iOS' Main Search Engine
Rumor has it that Yahoo is focused on trying to convince Apple to switch the default search experience on iOS to Yahoo rather than Google.

Date: 04-24-14

Windows And Mac Get OneNote For Free
Are you a Mac user that stares longingly at your friend’s Windows desktop wishing you had access to OneNote? Well, stare no longer as Microsoft has finally ported its note keeping app to your platform of choice.

Date: 03-20-14

How Bad Is Apple's Security Flaw?
An Apple security flaw has been discovered and it could be allowing hackers to beat encryption and intercept email and other communications. Last week, Apple released an update that would fix the flaw on mobile devices running iOS, such as iPhones, iPads and iPods, and they are encouraging all Apple device users to download it. Even if you have your device set to automatically download updates, it may be a good idea to double check to ensure that the flaw is repaired.

Date: 02-27-14

Getting Started with Chromecast on Mac OS X
I’ve heard the same rumors you have, that Chromecast is for Windows PCs and Android devices and if you’re an Apple fan or user, you’re going to be out of luck. That turns out to be completely inaccurate and the Chromecast device turns out to be quite compatible with both Mac OS X systems (with some caveats) and iOS devices like the iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone..

Date: 02-06-14

$10 Billion In Sales Reached From Apple App Store In 2013
Are you an Apple App Store developer? Did you create a best selling app in 2013? If so, you may have contributed to the Apple App Store’s best month ever.

Date: 01-16-14

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