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Microsoft Announces Bing Ads Editor for Mac
Microsoft announced that it’s working on a Bing Ads Editor for Mac, which will be coming early next summer.

Date: 11-19-15

Review: FonePaw iOS Transfer Tool for Mac
Let’s face it, iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone are black holes: You can put data into it, but it’s hard to get anything back onto your computer with iTunes. Fortunately, there are options like the slick, easy to use FonePaw iOS Transfer…

Date: 08-21-15

Apple Announces Its Next OS X
Apple unveiled its latest version of Mac OS X at its Worldwide Developers Conference. It's called El Capitan. The company said the previous version – Yosemite – had the best adoption rate of any PC operating system ever, before showing off features that it hopes will help top that with the new one.

Date: 06-17-15

New Font Change Most Likely Coming To iOS and Mac OS
Are all the Apple users ready for a font change? Everyone loves a font change!

Date: 05-21-15

How To Uninstall The Oracle Java "Ask Toolbar" From Your Mac
I updated Java on my Mac OS X system and suddenly there's an Ask toolbar in Google Chrome?What the heck?? How do I remove this malware?

Date: 04-22-15

How Can I Set Up a Vacation Autoresponder in Apple Mac Email?
Is there a vacation autoreply feature or capability in Apple Mail? I'm running Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, so whatever version of Mac Mail that is, that's what I have too. I'm off to Singapore for a few weeks and will have very spotty Internet access, so want to make sure people who email me know what's going on…

Date: 03-12-15

Reports Says Apple Watch Will Launch in March
We've known that Apple plans on launching the most talked-about wearable of the new year during the first half of 2015, and a new report suggests that the company is looking to March.

Date: 01-29-15

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